Hélène Lawler: Writer. Editor. Coach.

Powerfully Effective Writing Support for Academics with a Mission

Helping change makers get their ideas: Published. Read. And talked about.

Who’s a change maker, you ask?  Well, given that you’re reading this, I suspect YOU are: You have an idea, a story, an insight, or a discovery that’s going to make a difference.  That’s going to help others live better or healthier lives; that will have a positive impact on your community, the environment, maybe even society in general.

Change. Maker = You.
And you’ve come to the right place to get your message delivered.

Perhaps you’re an academic whose latest article or book needs a careful (or final) edit before submission.  Or you’ve been so inundated with grading and administrative demands that you just haven’t been able to get last summer’s research report out from the bottom of your inbox.

Perchance you’re a grad student with a brilliant dissertation or master’s project that’s in danger of falling off the rails.  And you need a little assistance to bring it all to fruition.

Possibly you’re a social- or solo-preneur, with an awesome service or product that’s going to really help people, and are looking to transcribe its essence into words to capture the hearts and wallets of your target market. (Ok, so maybe the wallet part isn’t exactly politically correct, but you need to stay in business in order to keep doing good.  Am-I-right?).

Maybe you’re an activist, determined to bring Capitalism to heel and full of ideas on how to do just that.  Or a hard-working citizen with a story to tell.  And you need someone to be your voice.

Or an artist with an incredible talent to share, looking to create a blog  to engage a following of like-minded creatives.  Or maybe you just need a little hand-holding while navigating social media.

Bottom line: Your strength is creativity and action.  Birthing and nurturing ideas.  Making things happen.  Not writing.

You’re staring at a rough draft of your manuscript, or perhaps a tottering stacks of notes and scribbled-on paper napkins, or sitting with ideas doing the backstroke around your brain, and wondering how the heck you’re going to pull it all together and reach those who need to know.

This is where I come in.

The world needs change.  Don’t stay silent.  Let’s talk.