Hi! My name is Hélène and I’m a freelance writer, academic editor, and dissertation coach.

Helping academics be successful with their writing goals isn’t what I planned to do, it’s a calling that emerged from years of helping students and colleagues overcome their challenges.

In 2014, after a decade of university level teaching and academic research, I left the ivory tower to become an independent academic and freelance writer.  My academic background includes a bachelor’s degree in engineering physics with a minor in the life sciences, an MA in international affairs, further graduate work in journalism, and doctoral studies in political science.

I have also worked as an engineer, technical writer, and analyst in medical research, the oil industry, and international security.  My former employers include the Canadian Federal Government, ExxonMobil, many small businesses, several non-profits, and Western University.

Yes, I am 108. (Kidding. I’m 29. And holding.).


My passion is teaching.  And helping others be all they can be.

Today  I work with harried academics, helping them polish and publish their work.  I assist faculty by editing their journal articles and book manuscripts, writing technical reports from their research data, and perfecting conference presentations.

I also coach graduate students through the challenges of completing a dissertation or thesis, and publishing their work.  In addition to writing support, I help with preparing and delivering talks, brainstorming research questions, negotiating grant applications and the ethics process, and generally navigating the turbulent waters of Academia.

My talent is communication.  

An unrepentant blogger and writer, and animated teacher and speaker, I excel at taking complex concepts and making them accessible to their intended audience, be it academics, the business world, or the general population.

I’m also a dedicated activist.

Enlightened by my doctoral research into the challenges of producing sustainable food within the international agro-industrial complex, and inspired by the literally hundreds of farmers I have met and interviewed over the past ten or so years, I have embraced making the personal political.  I now run a small restoration farming project in my ‘spare’ time, which I manage with a team of working dogs and draft horses.  (Full disclosure: the horses aren’t quite drafting yet.  But they will be.  My tractors in training).

We all have our part to play, our piece of the puzzle to contribute.  Helping change makers find their voice is mine.

My goal is to help others realize their visions, while moving our world in a better direction.  How can I help you reach yours?