Submit your work with confidence.

Be it a book manuscript, your latest essay or article for publication, or your doctoral dissertation, you have poured your heart into this project.  And what you’ve come up with is nothing short of brilliant.  Possibly even paradigm shifting.  You know it.  Don’t be shy.  Your work is important.

Don’t be derailed by errors. Or a lack of clarity.

“My PhD dissertation was in desperate need of copy editing before it was submitted to my examiners.  I was referred to Hélène by another editor and was so pleased with the referral and with the service Hélène provided.  Having an academic background herself enabled Hélène to not only correct issues with grammar and sentence structure, but she provided comments throughout that aided me in clarifying content.  It was evident that Hélène read my work carefully and thoughtfully.  My supervisor was very pleased with her editing and my examiners were spared from reading a dissertation with typos and grammatical errors.  I highly recommend Hélène to anyone seeking copy editing and would enlist her services again.” — Natasha Saltes, PhD

Eschew obfuscation.

Of course your research is technical and specialized.  That’s the nature of this beast.  But that doesn’t mean the words you use to describe it need to be boring. Impenetrable.  Unintelligible.

Don’t let your ideas get lost in edu-babble, buried by word games or jargon.  The world – or at least your target audience – needs to understand your findings.  Clearly.  Precisely.  And easily.

I offer careful, thorough editing to polish and perfect your work.  Depending on your needs and budget,

my services include:

  • Structural editing (reorganizing a text for clarity, content, and structure)
  • Stylistic editing (working with a complete draft to improve readability, clarity, or accuracy)
  • Proofreading (careful, critical review of your final draft)
  • Copyediting (checking punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure on a final or near-final draft )
  • Fact Checking / Reference Checking (checking accuracy of facts & quotes)

Get published.

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