The Ivory Tower of Academia can be a demanding, daunting, and, at times, discouraging environment to navigate. I offer the calm voice of reason and experience when academic expectations seem overwhelming, and strategies for you to get the writing process under control to produce your very best work.

“I received a referral from the Writing Centre at Queen’s University to work with Hélène as a writing coach. As a doctoral student completing the last edits on my dissertation, I really needed a fresh perspective, along with the expertise of a professional editor. Helene was the perfect solution. She has a great deal of experience, a number of writing and editing techniques and insights into logic and flow. Thanks to her, I was able to substantially edit my work and feel much more confident as a writer.”— Shelley Aylesworth-Spink, PhD 

As an academic coach, I go beyond merely offering technical support to develop a one-on-one working relationship with you to create a masterful manuscript. I offer non-judgemental compassion and understanding as I guide you to take ownership of your ideas, and help you develop the skills you need to enhance your performance, self-confidence, and overall academic success.

I have worked with students across disciplines and from around the world, helping to improve writing skills, enhance critical reading ability, increase overall grades, and bring MA theses & PhD dissertations successfully to the finish line.

“I first met Hélène at the university tutoring centre to receive help with my reading skills. Hélène quickly recognized that my issues were not in reading comprehension, but instead a lack of confidence in my abilities.  She exceeded my expectations by helping me understand that I had unlimited potential and despite my label as a “disabled” person I belonged and even excelled in a university setting.  Later, I was able to take one of her courses and she worked with me to enhance and fine tune my writing skills.  That year I was able to work as tutor at the university and now I write for a company as a music analyst.  Without Hélène’s guidance I would have never had the skills or confidence to pursue these writing endeavours.” —Ashley Thornton, Owner of ‘More Than Music Bassics’ and ‘Ajna & Isis Healing Therapies’

I offer academic coaching for Masters and PhD candidates, as well as for serious undergraduates dedicated to advancing their communication skills.  A few of the benefits of working with me as your coach include:

  • Clarifying your research interests;
  • Developing a strong thesis or research proposal;
  • Ensuring that your work is clear, focused, and comprehensible;
  • Developing laser sharp critical reading skills;
  • Improving your oral presentations;
  • Establishing strong writing habits;
  • Gaining excellent research skills;
  • Making sense of dense, complicated theory & texts; and
  • Receiving support through all levels of the writing process: from initial idea to final polished draft.

If you need help focusing and editing your doctoral dissertation, developing a top-notch master’s thesis, or becoming a more effective and efficient writer or reader, please email me at to find out how I can help.

“I would strongly recommend to anyone searching for assistance with their writing to contact Hélène Lawler. I had the pleasure of working with Hélène at The Write Place at King’s University College when I returned to school as a mature student. I struggled with my writing and Hélène was confident, supportive and objective in her feedback.  Helene is passionate about helping people and she was a pleasure to work with.  Helene took a lot of time teaching me how to become a better writer and I will forever be grateful to her. I tell all my colleagues, networks and friends to contact Hélène for her services. Thank you!!” — Cindy Machado Branco RECE, BA, BSW, RSW

I look forward to working with you!